Welcome to the Project Index page. On this page you will find an outline of all the different pages related to the project. Its simple click on the image to go straight to the section of the project that is most relevant to you. You can return to the Muncaster front of house page by using the tool bar. Enjoy.

Tutorials in the application of various techniques. In the pages below you will find video’s that will help you in your pursuit of technical proficiency. Each demonstration should show you how to refine your skills in one particular area but please don’t think that each area is exclusive as some of the best artwork used multi media techniques.


Mono Printing: Mono Printing is the process where you can produce a copy of an artwork and embellish the design using traditional printing techniques. Expressive marks are transferred onto paper in the negative. Print making can have a painterly and graphical feel.
Shading Tutorial: Learn how to create beautiful artworks by applying subtle, gentle and complex tones. Learn how to identify tonal plains and create depth and realism by controlling the tonal range adding drama and technical finesse to your work. 
Cross-Hatching: Learn how to create quick and interesting studies by applying the cross hatching techniques. Gain understanding of form and how to convey depth simply through line.
Technique 4: By the end of this exercise you should understand the principals and sequences of making a piece of artwork based on Bleeding and Blending techniques.
  Technique 5: