Welcome to the Project Index page. On this page you will find an outline of all the different pages related to the project. Its simple click on the image to go straight to the section of the project that is most relevant to you. You can return to the Muncaster front of house page by using the tool bar. Enjoy.

video Still life: Video Tutorial: In this short tutorial you will explore painting techniques that allow you to capture realism in still life. The content covers basic painting techniques such as wet into wet blending, layering colour plains, and basic mapping in skills. Enjoy this short video and remember you can pause it at anytime.
still life gallery Still life Gallery: look through some of our most diverse artworks and see how students have responded to the still life brief. Work shows a range of compositions in a variety of media so take your time and look for inspiration for your work. Click to enlarge student examples of still life artwork. Hopefully it will spark your creative flair.
Artist Research Still life: Artist Reaserch: Under Construction
Observational Drawing Still Life: Observational Drawing: Still life artwork production allows the Artist to hone their formal technical skills. These slides help build your technical understanding of measured drawing, proportion, tonal plain identification and many other skillsets. Enjoy.
Observational Painting Still life: Observational Painting:Once you have built up the skills to produce a good construction drawing, which is measured and precise you need to proceed to painting skills. In this section we learn how to overcome some of the problems and obstacles of technical painting. Enjoy.