Welcome to the Project Index page. On this page you will find an outline of all the different pages related to the project. Its simple click on the image to go straight to the section of the project that is most relevant to you. You can return to the Muncaster front of house page by using the tool bar. Enjoy
Sketchbook Tecniques: These pages will help you create interesting and visually exciting sketchbooks. we have lots of techniques and examples showing you how to use composition, different materials, and how to frame your supporting studies. Each page should be an artwork itself. Find out how to here
Sketchbook : Analysis and annotation. Learn how to look at an artwork and break it down into the formal elements of art. You can write about how the artwork has been made and take the best elements from it to create a new artwork in the style of the artist. Example have been provided.
Rule of Thirds: Divide any image into thirds as shown – If the main visual components (things in the image) lie near the lines then the image often tends to look ‘right’. In this image the horizon line is on one of the bisectors. Rule of ODD OVER EVEN
Guide to composition 3 + 4 +5 Rule of Trinagles...Triangles have 3 sides and tend to form stable, solid looking compositions. Rule 4: The rule of space is one difficult rule to understand.Rule 5: Simplify to succeed!