Welcome to the Project Index page. On this page you will find an outline of all the different pages related to the project. Its simple click on the image to go straight to the section of the project that is most relevant to you. You can return to the Muncaster front of house page by using the tool bar. Enjoy.

Portaits Page:

Project 1 Portraits Gallery Page. See a selection of work made and refined by young artists. Clickon the image to expand each portrait.
Project 1 Making Portraits Video one: The self portrait. Understand the artistic sequence in producing a self portrait. Pause, rewind and loop but its only a guide so try to add a little of yourself to make your portrait unique.
Project 1 Pop Art Alternative Painting Video. Produce quick artworks using this demonstartion. This artwork is made using pop art techniques and comic book characters to create very simple but effective artworks.
Project 1 Making Portraits: How to compose photographs and edit them for painting.
Project 1 Making Portraits: How to create realistic flesh tones and understand the basic mapping in processes.
Project 1 Making Portraits:Slide Sequence Page3
Stamp Portriat Welcome to the Multi-Media Tutorial. In this guide we will explore how we can use painting and computer manipulation to create an interesting and layered artwork. We will begin to see artwork as a layered system where we choose which media is the most appropriate. Ultimately we learn how paintings and the digital manipulation of those paintings allow us to refine and explore new ways of creating artwork.