Welcome to the Project Index page. On this page you will find an outline of all the different pages related to the project. Its simple click on the image to go straight to the section of the project that is most relevant to you. You can return to the Muncaster front of house page by using the tool bar. Enjoy.

CityScapes Index Page:In this project you will learn the intricacies of perspective drawing and develop your understanding of architecture. You will investigate key artists and break down their techniques applying them to your own amazing cityscape. We refine our technical expertise and experiment with new medias. Please watch the video and look at the gallery as a stating point.  

cityscape video Cityscape Gallery Page. Under Construction
cityscapes video Cityscapes Video: Through this video you will gain an understanding of how you can use multimedia to create new and interesting artworks. Frottage and textures are studied to make altered surfaces. Watch the video to see the work being made.
cityscape sequence Cityscapes: Begining stages: Learning about Perspective, Frottage, John Piper and a basic guide to marking and assessment.
cityscapes sequence 2 Cityscapes: Secondary Stages: Making your final piece. adding the technical foundation to your work. Under Construction
cityscapes final touches Cityscapes: The final touches, Marking and Assessment. Under Construction