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Anatomy Index Page:

In this scheme of work we will investigate Anotomical Structures and how Anatomy influences our understanding of the natural work. we will look at artists who inspire us and how antomy plays a part in World History and Art History

Anatomy Gallery page. Anatomy and Human Form studies have given us realistic portrayals of man for centuries. The birth of Anatomical studies came from 15th century renaissance artists and the work of those visionaries helped mankind make huge leaps in medicine, science and art. Here is a collection of artwork that focuses on Anatomy.
anatomy video Anatomy Video Techniques. Under Construction
Guide to Anotomical Art. How to begin the basic research into producing a responce to the Anatomy brief. Mind maps, Internet images and choosing a work to study in depth.
Anatomy and Artists. Look at the different techniques employed by arts who focus on anatomy.
Life drawing: A guide to breaking down the human form into a stages where we learn to meassure proportions, alignment and perspective.